About us

The great thing about 33T Merchandising is we can bend and mold to whatever your looking to get done for your company. If you have your own clothing line and want specific cuts or materials just provide measurements and what material you want and we will make it happen.

If your looking to market your business and want people to wear your company shirts more then once contact us to get more durable and quality clothing. We provide options that allows a business to control every last detail of their merchandise. We want our customers to have creative freedoms you can’t get anywhere else!


Order Process

1. Send the amount of pieces you wish to order
2. PDF file of your logo with description of where you want the placement
3. Where your items are going to be shipped
4. Email all information to merchandising@33tclothing.com
5. We take all the information and quote your price per piece counting shipping and customizing of your merchandise.
6. Orders take between 3-5 weeks after payment is received

Pricing point

1. 50 piece minimum order
2. Logo and Designs are factored into pricing
3. Orders of 500 plus are on the lower end of the pricing 

Business Professional

100% cotton dress shirt

100% Pima cotton polo

100% cotton long sleeve polo

Polyester/Cotton polo

Promotional Wear

Promo Hats

Dry Fit t-shirt

100% cotton t-shirt

Pima cotton long sleeve

Polyblend V-Neck

Winter/Spring Wear 

Bomber Jacket

Light Jacket

100% cotton sweat shirt
$26- $31

Spring Jacket

100% cotton zip hoodie

100% cotton hoodie